Meet the Technicians


  • Melissa Brady
    Lead Nurse

    Melissa is a Dahlonega native that joined the Red Barn Team in July 2014. She is Veterinary CPR Certified and a Certified Fear Free Professional. She has over 10 years experience in the veterinary field and loves helping her patients live happy healthy lives. Melissa is married with one son and a house full of fur-kids. She spends her free time outdoors with her Great Dane, Harley-Quinn and her family hiking. She enjoys sharing her compassion for animals and is constantly improving her knowledge in veterinary medicine to better care for her patients. 

  • Mariah Bafile
    Pet Nurse/ Pharmacy Manager

    Mariah joined the Red Barn Team in July of 2014. She has lived in Dahlonega, GA for most of her life. She is a recent graduate of the University of North Georgia where she obtained a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She hopes to one day enter the field of Large Animal/Equine Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Pharmaceuticals. Mariah has owned animals all her life. She began riding horses at a young age and still enjoys being a part of the equestrian life. She and her husband currently have three dogs, three cats, a flock of chickens and two horses.

  • Shannon Clough
    Pet Nurse/ Assistant Lead Nurse/ Fear Free Certified

    Shannon Joined the Red Barn team in August 2017. She has lived in Dahlonega for 15 years. Shannon started riding horses at a very young age and her passion is Barrel Racing. She has several animals that include an array of turkeys, three horses, three cats and three dogs. Shannon has a passion for animal health and enjoys giving your pets the attention they deserve while visiting our hospital. She is also one of our certified Fear Free technicians. 

  • Doreen Sanders
    Pet Nurse/Patient Care Manager/Lead Surgery Tech/CVA

    Doreen joined the Red Barn Team in December of 2014. She previously worked for several years as the caretaker at TLC Humane Society. She lives in Dahlonega with her husband and several rescue pets and enjoys spending quiet time at home with them watching the deer in her back yard. Since working here Doreen has attained her Fear Free certification in hopes of helping nervous pets to gain more confidence and comfort while being here with us.

  • Sarah Smith
    Pet Nurse

    Sarah joined the Red Barn Team in March of 2016. She has spent her entire life in Dawsonville. Sarah has a husband, two dogs, Johnny Bravo and Bentley, a cat named Whiskey and a new baby on the way. She has her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from University of North Georgia and hopes to eventually pursue a career in animal nutrition. In her free time she enjoys yoga, hunting, fishing, and every other outdoor activity. She is also a licensed taxidermist and enjoys it as a hobby.

  • Courtney Chandler
    Pet Nurse/ CVA

    Courtney joined the Red Barn Team in December of 2016. She was born in Gainesville, GA but has lived several places in South Georgia. Courtney has three pets, a cat named Simba and her dogs, Darcy and Ahyoka. She has a compassion for animal welfare that is reflected in her work and her Fear Free Certification. She currently stands on the board for TLC: Lumpkin County’s No-Kill shelter and one day wishes to start her own Pit rescue.

  • Hanna Panter
    Pet Nurse

    Hanna joined the Red Barn Team in July of 2018. She was born and raised in Dahlonega, Ga and has a love for horses and animals alike. She enjoys trail riding and hunting in her spare time. She currently has two dogs and a gelding named Bentley. Hanna especially enjoys puppy kisses she receives while working here and strives to make every patient feel comfortable while here at Red Barn.

  • Shelby Clark
    Pet Nurse

    Shelby joined the Red Barn team in August 2019 and has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for almost 3 years now. She has a passion for all animals and strives to care for them in the best ways possible. She has three dogs: Cali a 4 year old collie mix, Titan a 7 year old boxer and Rascal(pictured) a 4 year old husky/pit mix. Before veterinary medicine she lived in Denmark for 7 years and moved back to the USA in 2013 where she graduated from East Hall High School. She recently joined the Red Barn Team and is looking forward to establishing a relationship with the many clients and patients of Red Barn!

  • Maryhannah Flynn
    Pet Nurse

    Maryhannah joined the Red Barn team in August 2019. She is new to the field of veterinary medicine but, has jumped right in and has fit right in with the team. She was born and raised in the North Georgia area. Maryhannah has had a passion for riding horses since a very young age and she enjoys taking her two pit bulls Kai and Rosco hiking in her free time. She has always had a strong compassion for animals of all kinds.

  • Linsey Campbell
    Pet Nurse

    Linsey joined the Red Barn Team in January of 2018. Linsey is a senior in high school currently with the goal of one day becoming a veterinarian. She enjoys riding horses in her free time and has trained as a hunter/jumper but, is currently showing interest in barrel racing. Linsey has a dog named Colt. Linsey enjoys working with our clients and their pets. She has just recently moved to her new position as a technician assistant!

  • Alexa Guerra
    Pet Nurse

    Alexa joined the Red Barn team in August 2020. She grew up in Miami, FL and graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Biology. She hopes to go to veterinary school in the future. In her spare time she loves helping in stray animal rescue and taking care of the feral community. She has 6 four-legged kids. Three dogs (Olivia, Boomer, and Scarlet), 2 cats (Nellie and Big Girl), and her awesome ferret (Puck).


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