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We value our clients' experience at Red Barn Veterinary Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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Dr. Rebecca Babcock, DVM

Dr. Karen Donovan, DVM

Dr. Ella Scholz, DVM

Dr. Cortney Kangas, DVM

Dr. Casey Fitzner, DVM


I took both of my dogs in for their annual yearly check-up and vaccines. Dr. Babcock checked them out and recommended they have their teeth cleaned. Before I retired, my profession was in the dental field, so I know a lot about teeth. I came home and thought about it, especially since we had been having problems with Daisy's bad breath and stomach problems. So I decided to break down and have her teeth cleaned. She ended up having 5 teeth pulled due to infection and being loose. I brushed her teeth every week and never noticed. After her dental, Daisy came home with NO bad breath and NO stomach problems!

After this I said we had to get Hooch's teeth cleaned, so I made an appointment thinking it would be a simple cleaning. Hooch ended up with 4 teeth pulled and 2 of them had cracks. After his dental, he acted like a new dog! All that time he had been in pain and we didn't even know.

Now I am a firm believer in having your pets teeth checked and cleaned every year!

Thank you Red Barn Veterinary Hospital!

Betty Miller

Everyone is very friendly from the front desk ladies to the vets. -Allen Jernigan

The entire staff is awesome! Thank you for caring for my pets and being so thorough. - Amy Hilton

We don't trust anyone but Dr Badcock to care for our special needs bulldogs. We would recommend Dr. Badcock and Redbarn to all our friends. - Belissa Prince

  • Best place, they take care of my pet like their own. Doctor and nurse are well aware of what care my pet needs. - Bhumika Patel

We always have a great experience at Red Barn! Everyone is nice and is very informative. - Bill Felt

Friendly, helpful staff. Feel confident with Dr. Kangas. She knows what she's talking about. Appreciate the full workup we got on Cheddar. Set up an appt to do dental work. Good experience for me and Cheddar. - Billie Gallant

Absolutely caring facility there at red barn. I think Estrella has seen every dr. And I am very pleased with every one there to include the front office help in which is 100% of the time generously patient with my many phone calls and appointment scheduling, always super helpful and sweet. - Carisa Franco

Your service is great. I especially like it that you remember my dogs Daisy & Patrick. Your employees make Daisy's day! - Caroline Johnsen

Clients are greeted by a happy front desk staff, wait time is minimal to none, and the vets truly spend time and listen to you. Thank you! - Chris Tench

Wouldn't take my family pets to any other facility. Dr. Babcock is a very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding veterinarian. The entire staff is always helpful, and truly caring with my pets whether in person or on the phone. - Cindy McTaggart

You all have been great and we love getting to know each of you - it is very important for us to have people we can trust and we appreciate each and every one of you so very much - thank you for all you do and thank you for being there for me when we lost our Dutchess- that was a very hard time and I am still dealing with her loss - again we appreciate you all so much. - Connie Baker

Everything was great. We were seen right away and did not have a wait. Dr. Kangas made sure I didn't have any questions regarding my canine baby's health. She and her team were very loving and thoughtful when administering the vaccinations. Thank you for a very positive experience. - Crystal Dozier

I love Red Barn. From the front desk to the assistants to the veterinarians, everyone is friendly, helpful and kind. - Darcy Lewis

Wonderful, the staff are so pleasant, and had our animal ready when we requested. Also explained everything and told us to contact them about anything. - David Stowers

Your staff is wonderful and truly amazing with customer service. My questions are always answer completely. I am completely satisfied with the care you give Sadie. - Debby Owens

For over 15 years the staff has provided excellent care and services for all of my pets, helping them and me when their life cycles have come to the sad times of losing them. I would not even consider anyone else for the passionate interest all the staff provide. I recommend and talk about Red Barn to anyone I talk to about my pets. God bless the entire staff. - Deborah Jenkins

I think I have seen all the doctors and they all have helped me with Garfield and the office staff is great. - Eleanor Thomas

Could not have been more pleased with the care received. I will have to give you a 12 on a scale of one to ten. - Earnest Huntsinger

I'm glad the vets always make plenty of time to discuss my pet with me. The lobby and rooms are also so clean! I used the go to another vet locally and the lobby smelled powerfully of pet fur and urine. Red barn is so clean I can't even smell any animals! - Helen Wells

Best vet service in the area. You always explain everything you do. Friendly attitude is much appreciated. - Ira Kelso

The best animal care ever!!! - Irina Everett

You guys are great. Keep up the great customer service. - Jack Schroeter

  • I am committed to the care of my 3 kitties under Dr. Scholz, who combines all the best elements I want in a vet. - James McFarland
  • We have always been very happy with the care our dogs have received from the staff at Red Barn. - Janice Tomtshak

Everything was great! We appreciate how every doctor is committed to giving the best care to our pets. - Janice Wingo


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